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One Earth, One World, One God, One Land, One People, One Tribe, One True, One Ying, One Yang, One Love, One Past, One Present, One Future .... SOUND THE HORNS!

A historic event. This is 2012´s big news on the Psy Trance scene.

Pioneers Astral Projection are touching down again at Tip Records!!! One of the scenes most successful acts and pioneers returns home. Astral Projection in a glittering career have had their videos on MTV, been licensed to films and games. They have headlined major international events and remain one of the genres most loved acts that found fans beyond its own genre. And they are super nice chaps too!

Astral Projection were one of the first Psy acts to make into the DJ Top100 poll. The concept behind this release is the landing on the moon and the telephone call between President Nixon and the Apollo 11 crew.
“And as you talk to us from the Sea of Tranquility, it inspires us to redouble our efforts to bring peace and tranquility to Earth. For one priceless moment in the whole history of man, all the people on this Earth are truly one”

Their sizzling, epic new track is a taster of what´s to come but on top of a spanking new big Astral track we have 5 hot remixes each with their own take on things to the extent they are different tracks almost.

Stellar work by Hujaboy who launches a fierce, tight, Psychedelic star blazer that packs a punch like only he can. Then Sandman in his unique, dramatic way delivers something that sounds like it´s from another planet.
A Team
(Painkiller and Bliss) come in with another out if this world mix that is perfect trancefloor fuel as is Yurikas´remix and for a different flavour all together a very groovy, tech/minimal mix by Italy´s Piatto that will unite dancefloors from across genres. All Top quality and varied productions. Interest already from key DJ´s already including OAKENFOLD, JOHN '00' FLEMING etc. This will reach all DJ´s wo play this music.

So if you are looking for the key release this month :: This EP is THE ONE!

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Click speaker below for samples :

  Listen 1. ONE
  Listen 2. ONE - Hujaboy Higher Remix
  Listen 3. ONE - Sandman Remix
  Listen 4. ONE - A-Team Remix
  Listen 5. ONE - Yurika Remix
  Listen 6. ONE - Piatto Remix
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