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Argaman - Living in a Bubble (Fairytales Records)

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The long-anticipated second album by Israeli composer Argaman is finally here, and what an album, indeed! With not just one but two full length CDs worth of Argaman music to enjoy, it becomes quickly obvious that this amazing musician has worked hard to outdo himself and give you, the listener, his very best. Argaman's first album, "My Little Forest", pushed the envelope of downtempo music quality and set a new standard in the genre.

"Living in a Bubble" pushes these sonic expeditions even further, painting a sonic portrait of fantastic surrealism and music theory manipulation. The concept of "Living in a Bubble" comes from the bubbles of our own realities, defining our perceptions of what is possible and not, and the human desire to break that bubble and discover a higher, more expanded self.

The first block of tracks, called "Day", contains bubbly digital and analog orchestration, soothing vocal melodies, and heady, chilled out beats and atmospheres. Expect grooves begging to be danced to, topped with classical and contemporary conglomerations of sound. Each track seems to come from both every part of the world and none at once, leaving you marveling at the intricacies of Argaman's audio artistry.

The second batch of bleeps and bloops is called "Night" and, true to its name, takes a stark departure from the feelings of "Day" and heads into an entirely new direction. Lilting, bittersweet tones convey feelings of blissful lonliness and comfort amongst soothing shadows. Argaman really opens the doors of imagination with masterful use of percussion and bells to create a Burton-esque otherworldliness inviting you to get eagerly lost in time and again with each rotation.


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Double CD contains 20 tracks and 1 bonus track in total.


~ Day Side ~ ~ Night Side ~
play track Flowers In The Desert play track The Jewish Robot
play track Raise The Sail Old Man play track Good Old Times
play track Honey I'm Home play track Living In A Bubble
play track Walk On Your Way play track Never Ending


Fairytales Records

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