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“Absolutely brilliant album, mixing old Banco with new. Some pounding tracks and of course multi layer percussion that he does so well. There's a feeling a fun through out, never taking itself too seriously. The ambient tracks are amazing, and reminiscent of Dead Can Dance.
Hope it's not another seven years before we hear new material again.”
Charles Massey / Perpetual Loop / Digital Duvet

“Apollo ... Pure dreamy magic! A seductive journey through this album's diverse & colourful landscape lead me into discovering surprising new treasure caves within myself. Beautifully hypnotic and soothing as well as playful at times, I was left feeling both expanded and enlivened by it's richness. Both the opening and closing female vocals touched my wild sense of limitlessness. Yes.”
Philippa Glazer :

“Banco De Gaia is back, with his brand new album, Apollo, his first studio work in 7 long years.New album Apollo continues this path, with even more knowledge and wisdom than his past work. Being made up of 9 brand new tracks, Apollo touches on the usual BDG bases of ambient, dance and world styles. The importance of BDG’s music cannot be underestimated. The pure bliss of For Such A Time evokes so much about what makes him *the* name in ambient and dub. Progression, balance, musicality, calmness and strength, and so much more”.  
Gideon Thomas :

"It's yer global-ethno-electronic-trancey-ambient-dancefloor music innit."
fRoots Magazine (the idiots!)

"Apollo covers a vast array of musical territories developing extremely well produced sonic journeys, a dazzling synthesis of groovy dub sounds and intelligent world beat electronica in pure Banco De Gaia style. I'm obviously a big fan of Toby's music and I'm fond of this new release!"
Nova – Nova-Music/Ultimae

“Wimble Toot (East Static Remix) such an interesting, colorful display of playfulness and groove that only Banco is known for. Very interesting exploration of sound, drums, and horns that slowly tie it all into place with a slinky vibe that pulls you in and begs you to sway and glide on the dance floor. While it is not as explosive as some of their stuff can be, it still holds some interest in that it is reminiscent of hot, humid nights in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Bouncy!” 
DJ Eckoe / Ultimae Records/ USA

“Banco De Gaia new opus is a breakthrough to deep ethno atmospheric sometimes dead can dance -ish sound with voices, explorimentation and compositions to stay in your mind and ear. Toby and co made it again. A must for the fans of nu sound by Legends. “
Haris Papademetriou / DJ Fish Imself / IT Records

”Beautifully produced, A global music celebration, heartfelt indigenous performances ,copious amounts of lush sonic exotica .Truly rewarding for lovers of quality tribal rhythms !”
Don Peyote:: Don Peyote Recordings

“"Apollo" arrived safe and sound and is currently the musical theme of the day... Thank you Toby for this delicious production... “ Ian-Of-The-Liquid Lounge

“Some great stuff here. it's great to reconnect with his music again” Andrew McPherson / Eccodek


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