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banco de gaia - wimble toot ep (Disco Gecko Recordings)

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Banco de Gaia has been one of the top driving forces in not only the UK electronic music culture, but all over the world. His career spans three decades and his releases have seen countless rotations around the globe, being played by the most well known names, at the most memorable events, and the most oft-listened to radio shows. The Banco name has become iconic; a hallmark; a staple of global, genre-blurring electronic music and has been instrumental to the course of that music's evolution.

The first single from Banco De Gaia's new album, "Apollo" came out this Thursday and it's a belter! The “Wimble Toot” EP features the title track, with amazing saxophone courtesy of Matthew Jenkins, and some pretty crazy remixes.

Toby's original partner, Andy Guthrie, has donned his 100th Monkey guise to turn in a sweet reggae mix; Merv from Eat Static has provided a suitably bonkers psychedelic Gypsy/Balkan banger while Misled Convoy from New Zealand’s Pitch Black has stripped the track totally back to create a bass heavy, dubwise soundscape.

You can check out the title track and the 100th Monkey remix on Soundcloud (the other two mixes will be up by the end of Monday 25) or there is a video up on YouTube.

:: grab your copy today ::

The EP is up now on BANDCAMP
or will be up on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Beatport etc on Monday 25th.

:: Banco de Gaia Album Launch Gigs ::

12 Apr : The Zu Studios : Lewes
13 Apr : Inspiral Cafe : Camden
11 May : LAMP (DJ set) : Leamington Spa
23 Jun : Trimurti Festival : Near Moscow | Russia
06 Jul : Beat-Herder Festival : Lancashire
05 Aug : Sonica Festival : Albanella | Italy
06 Aug : Ozora Festival : Ozora | Hungary
11 Aug : Whirl-y-Fayre : Somerset
18 Aug : Beautiful Days Festival : Devon

Banco de Gaia Website
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