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cimi - white world bridger (Furthur Progressions)

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Cimi’s debut album ‘White World Bridger’ is the result of two hard-working years trying to find the right balance between innovative and classic, deep, bouncy progressive trance. Behind the project is Marcello, also known as M-Theory (Alchemy Records).

The Cimi project was born in 2004 with releases for Alchemy Records and YSE and it went on for a couple of years until the M-Theory was created. At this point Marcello put Cimi on hold until 2008 when he heard Hamish & Bedouin playing an amazing progressive set @ Boom Festival. He was so inspired by their selection of tracks that he decided to revive the project and take a slower bpm direction.

Up to today the two projects have contributed to the scene with more than 60 releases and 2 albums with some of the most recognized labels including Alchemy, Furthur Progressions, Neurobiotic, Plusquam, Free-Spirit, Digital Nature, Synergetic, Solar-Tech, Antu, Blacklite, Headstick and many more.

The album title is a contribution by maestro Gaudi (Six Degrees Records). Marcello has had the honour to remix one of his tracks as M-Theory. It is during their studio sessions that Gaudi made the link between Marcello's new project name and its meaning. Cimi is a sign in the Mayan Calendar which is loosely translated in English as 'white world bridger'.

Each track was crafted to reflect Marcello's taste for progressive trance, from less melodic to more layered sounds on a backdrop of psychedelic landscapes. A very versatile producer, the album doesn't fail to show Marcello's ability in covering a wide spectrum of genres from full-on psytrance to typical progressive. The quality of sound is at the forefront of his production, hence the choice of talented sound engineer Ido Ophir(aka Domestic) with regards to album mastering. The result is delightful to the ear and will take the listener through a multi-coloured journey of high quality tunes.

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 1. Kind of Sirius
 2. The Flying Scotsman (featuring DJ Hamish)
 3. Drops & Triplets
 4. Flegma & Zyce- Reanimation (Cimi remix)
 5. The Surfer
 6. Buddha Nature (v Liftshift)
 7. Alien Feelings
 8. Solar Spectrum - Underground Bouncers (Cimi remix)
 9. Sunset Bar 2012

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