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Another Fine Day - A Good Place to Be

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~ What People are Saying ~

Just had my first listen to the new (long overdue) album from Tom Green's Another Fine Day project and was completely captivated. The record has beautiful echoes & resonances of Bill Evans, Brian Eno & Harold Budd but is still uniquely Tom's creation. It may sound trite to say it but I'm going to anyway: They don't make ambient music like this anymore and we are all the poorer for it. In it's own quiet way, this release is cause for much celebration by fans of music that is both lovely AND substantial.
Let's hope we don't have to wait so long for the next one  
Bob Duskis / Six Degrees

Gorgeous album ... thank you for supporting music like this
Amani Friend / Desert Dwellers

Loved the album , I was always a fan of Tom's stuff and expected it to be really good , just a really well made and evolving / inspiring piece of composition. Its great release and the sound of the entire album is really about as good as you will find .

This album transported me into the oceans of blissful feeling immediately and that feeling lasted until the end. Elegance and tensions are breathing together in the depth of that oceans like a mystical creatures, gently swims around of me ' I hope many people have an opportunity to explore this !!!

Subtle, engaging, pushing the envelope of innovation ... very good
Lloyd Barde

This album speaks to me on every level. Its mature, expertly-crafted musical gems
exude inexhaustible listenablity. Hooked
Dimm Summer / High Chai Recordings

A beautifully rendered soundscape of subtle and sophisticated songs on the new jazz and ambient edge - a fine upgrade to any music aficionados life soundtrack
Delvin Solkinson / COSM

Existing somewhere in the spaces between jazz, ambient and modern lounge, Tom Green's new album is a jazzy, piano-led affair that embraces complexity without forgetting the qualities of tonality, stillness and space. Original and rewarding chillout that's not for the attention-deficient.
Favorite track: I Can Hear Your Heart.
Mike G / Ambient Music Guide

I lost track of the times I caught myself saying Man, this is sweet! After the higher energy of some of the recent Interchill releases, Another Fine Day is a delightful change of pace: sweet solemn, meditative ... just the thing for your next de-stressing session. Delighted with this one!
DJ Madame Fly / Beat Conscious Radio

If there’s one thing I love, it’s ambient (or even —dreaded term — “easy listening”) albums that are deceptively simple on the surface but feature complexities and subtleties that emerge with close listening. This album strikes me just that way: casual listeners could easily mistake this for wallpaper music or for some kind of ambient-jazz fusion, but those who stop and pay closer attention will hear unsettled gestures lurking beneath the birdsongs and the lush textures. And yet the overall feel is one of uplift rather than disturbance. And his piano chops serve the mood rather than drawing attention to themselves. I’m very impressed.
Rick Anderson / All Music Guide : CD Hotlist

Another Fine Day (aka Tom Green) has created a jazzy ambient masterpiece with 'A Good Place to Be.' It's at once dreamy, cerebral, sensual, spacey, earthy... indeed, a fine place to dwell in.
Steve Davis / Hearts of Space


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