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va - manana's bananas (Kundalini Records)
compiled by Andy Mason

Cover, load images to viewNewsflash…Precious Cargo found!! MANANA’S BANANAS

New Compilation by Andy Mason, released on Kundalini Records UK, June14th 2013.

MANANA’S BANANAS has some of the freshest sounds from around the world, representing new artists alongside established producers, gathered together to recreate the party journey from night time into morning…nine powerful dance floor tunes, compiled in that unique Kundalini style.

Kundalini was one of the foremost original underground trance parties in the UK, holding 70 incredible events over two decades. The past four years has seen the development of the record label. After huge successes with the previous releases High Life, Purity and ReDUX from Paul Taylor, Andy Mason now pushes forward with nine powerful new dance floor tunes by artists from South America, Japan, London and various places in-between, upping the ante once more for 2013.

Andy Mason has been Kundalini’ s resident DJ since its inception in the mid 1990’s, playing countless parties in many countries over the last 20 years and has been making music throughout, with several releases. Also, being a drummer, Andy has his own unique rhythmic style which is totally infectious; his ability to take the crowd with him on a seamless journey of beautifully mixed cutting edge psy-trance never fails to deliver.

The idea behind the album was to reflect the progression from peak time sounds into morning vibes with a harder edge. Tron vs Glitch’s opener kickstarts the album on a high, with Earthspace, 2012 and Endeavour vs Breathead all continuing the heavyweight theme, each track carefully constructed with meticulous attention to detail. Andy’s own track Which World then follows before Aphid Moon and then Paul Taylor see things take a deeper dive into the night time vibe, twisting sounds around relentless basslines in formidable style. The album closes on another high, with brilliant arrangements from both Cylon & KIM, complimenting the excesses of the beginning of the album. Full circle.

The artistry and imagination shown by all the acts involved in the creation of MANANA’S BANANAS is testament to the continuing drive towards musical psy-trance perfection that Kundalini’s parties and now its studio releases embody.

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** Hear samples @

 1. Tron vs Glitch- PD
 2. Earthspace - Unreality
 3. 2012 - Addo's Gate
 4. Endeavour vs Breathead - Mad Connection
 5. Andy Mason - Which World
 6. Aphid Moon - Trapezium
 7. Paul Taylor - No Turning Back
 8. Cylon - Hard to Handle
 9. K.i.M - Bumble

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