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DUST - My Friends Love Psychedelics (Looney Moon Records)

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After a year of inspiring travels at events all around the globe here comes the second album from the versatile headlining act of Looney Moon Records, Dust.

He kicks back with 11 tracks in collaboration with artists from the world over.

"My friends love psychedelics" is a "dust & friends" album consisting of one solo track and a selection of collaborations with artists from Zenon Rec, Wildthings Rec, Bom Shanka Music as well as fellow Looneymooners.

The album showcases the extremely eclectic nature of one of the most surprising talents from the Italian stables in recent years.

Ranging from 110 to 148 bpm, it starts progressive with Hypogeo, moves into hyper liquid morning music with Mole and Xpiral and develops into the pumping psychedelic underground sound with Psymmetrix, Southwild, Phase, Assioma and Pantomiman. The album then touches on forest atmospheres in the track with Whiptongue before finishing on some twisted glitch hop with Dataura.

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 1. Dust & Hypogeo - Odeoded
 2. Dust & Phase - Dustinface
 3. Dust & Pantomiman - Brain Storm Guru
 4. Dust & Assioma - FOAM
 5. Dust & Whiptongue - Saudade Da Psicodelia
 6. Dust & Psymmetrix - Ketsterday
 7. Dust & Southwild - MultiCat Compressor
 8. Dust & Xpiral - Tornado
 9. Dust & Mole - Molest
 10. Dust- Mali Ragaya
 11. Dust & Dataura - Bend My Bitch

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