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Matt Coldrick - Music* For A Busy Head – Volume 1
(Rouge Reptile Records)

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We are delighted to announce that Matt Coldrick aka Pan Electric has entrusted some of his classic ambient and downtempo works to Pink Lizard Music.

These albums have been unavailable for several years.

Matt’s 2001 album Music* For A Busy Head – Volume 1 will become the first in a series of re-releases on our new Rouge Reptile reissue-only imprint.

Here are the original sales notes from the 2001 release:

“Created by producer and artist Matt Coldrick, Music* For a Busy Head – Volume 1 is a deep ambient album designed to take the listener on a journey inwards.

“A work of grace and depth, this release has been designed to aid relaxation and provide a perfect antidote for today's stressful living. Techniques of changing the resonance and timbre of sound as well as the note and rhythm have been used for thousands of years for healing. Many of these principles and techniques are used on this album.

Music* For A Busy Head – Volume 1 comprises seven works. Each piece is written in a key that resonates with one of the main chakras or energy centres of the body. So, by listening to the album from start to finish the listener is given a subtle sonic massage. All the tempos on Music* For a Busy Head – Volume 1 are below 65 beats per minute, the average heart rate at rest. This will help draw the listener towards semi-consciousness where much of the body's best self-healing work takes place.

Music* For A Busy Head – Volume 1 is available now!

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LISTEN now streaming on SPOTIFY

 1. Crown Violet Selflessness
 2. Brow Purple Wisdom
 3. Throat Blue Unity
 4. Heart Green Contentment
 5. Solar Plexus Yellow Radiance
 6. Navel Orange Purity
 7. Base Red Patience

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Matt Coldrick founded Green Nuns of the Revolution with Neil Cowley and Dick Trevor.
He has toured the world with Gabrielle, scored music for the BBC, Channel 4, Sky, Sony and Sega, and played festival sets for Rainbow Serpent and many others. Matt currently lives and works in the southern hemisphere in close proximity to cake shops and yurts.

Music* For A Busy Head

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Sonic Immersion : Kymatix


Beat Conscious Radio : SunIsShining Blogspot
Ambient Visions : Echoes


Sweeet!!! I LOVE Music* for a Busy Head … glad to see it out there again :)
Amani Friend / Desert Dwellers

It's music for reflection and contemplation and does the job wonderfully.
Akin to Another Fine Day's debut 'Life Before Land' it's the kind of music that you
can have on repeat but find new stuff in each play.
Get ready to be enchanted~!
Bruce Bickerton / alucidnation

Over the years, this deep and beautiful album has served as my number-one, ever-reliable default mood-improver. Whatever is happening, if you want it to get better, put this on.
Timeless medicinal-grade ambient music.
Nick Holden / Ott & The All Seeing I

Great to hear that this classic is being re-released.
Music for a busy head is the perfect audio counterbalance to a hectic life.
Andrew Ross-Collins / Interchill Records

This is exquisite, melodic ambience, rich but never cluttered. There are echoes of Ishq's psyambient - an artist Coldrick has collaborated with elsewhere - but that's just one element.
The album is a personal kind of new age music, and it's new age as it should be - whether or not you buy into the metaphysical claims, the music itself comes first.
Truly a lost gem and I hope they release more from his back catalogue.
MIke G / AmbientMusicGuide

Matt Coldrick has established to taking a turn in his career after being founder of a trance band. Next to composing for film and Tv, he now has put out an album with soothing mind-music to shut down the many things that keep out head busy day after day. "Music for a Busy Head", a deep ambient album designed to take the listener on a journey inwards, wanders nicely along the edge of chill-out and drone-ambient with some rather Asian influences. His down-tempo creations, seven in total, are quite simple but so effective. Soft pulse-like sounds, light effects and loops are entwined into a subtle sound spectrum, sometimes using a sequencer-pattern like in twinkling one in the fifth track. Low lingering bass-tones here and there lofty bounce underneath all this as it approaches and penetrates our deeper senses 50 minutes long. Matt achieved all this very well by using repetition of sound and its sequence in a very delicate way… Highly recommended!
Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion

Superbly serene album, full of Soul soothing tracks that reverberate through
my waiting room constantly. Love your work Matt.
Alan Jansson

Helped open a doorway to calm when I first heard it and haven't really looked back!
Thank you!
Oliver Barnett


Coming next on Rouge Reptile Records

Pan Electric & Ishq

This is the second in a series of digital re-releases of classic chillout albums
from the back catalogue of
Matt Coldrick (Green Nuns of the Revolution) and friends.

Elemental Journey is a collaboration with Matt Hillier – better known to festival-goers the world over as Ishq. A stately, dramatic, cosmic and psychedelic album, it runs the gamut from the tribal drums of ‘Fire Dance’ to the beatless stillness of ‘Air’.

Rouge Reptile is Pink Lizard Music’s reissue label.
Stay tuned for more to come ...

Rouge Reptile

Pink Lizard Music serves a family of independent writer-artists including
Neotropic, The Fatty Acids, Otti Albietz
and Benbo.

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