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OOOD - You Think You Are (Vertigo Records)

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If you listen to psytrance, there's a very good chance that OOOD has become a well-known name to you. The UK group has been making music for nearly two decades and toured extensively across the globe, ever defining and refining what has come to be a signature sound. Their newest album, "You Think You Are", represents a duality in their history. Simultaneously an edgier departure from, as well as an evolution of the sonic trends which have made them so desirable and famous amongst trance connoisseurs, OOOD's latest collection of electronic dance confections is a treat that remodels and redefines a unique brand of funky sound filled with acoustic clarity and meticulous attention to production detail and quality.

From start to finish, this ten-track album (featuring collaborations with famous producers Ott and Loopus in Fabula and remixes involving Sonic Species and Spanish newcomer Forufreezer) immerses the listener in an array of crisp soundscapes permeated by rich, heavy basslines, percussive minutiae, and melodies and rhythm arrangements designed to tickle you from your synapses to the soles of your feet. These frequencies have a pleasantly visceral quality that seems to jump out of the speakers and each track feels like a distinct and coherent chapter of a longer musical saga. From the breaksy "Happiness" to the tension-wringing "Shpiral", from the pulsating "The King And Eye" to the etheral headiness of "Dum Dum", OOOD have broken and twisted the standard definitions and tropes of trance music in all the right ways.

All things considered, OOOD's "You Think You Are" is easily one of the most innovative, enthusiastic, professionally-made works to hit the trance scene in 2012, and has all the makings of a genre-redefining album. Having been following this group since my induction into this music, I've always held higher-than-normal expectations for OOOD's musical output and this album has delivered and exceeded those expectations and then some. There's something that everyone can dig on within these tracks, and amongst the ever-widening ocean of music this decade, "You Think You Are" stands out as a beacon of quality and achievement.
~ Axis Mundi


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play track  1. K.A.A.R.(album edit)
play track  2. The Philosopher's Tone
play track  3. Inner Inca
play track  4. The King and Eye
play track  5. Bube (The Tube)
play track  6. Forufreezer - Happiness (OOOD remix)
play track  7. Dum Dum
play track  8. OOOD & Loopus in Fabula - English Pizza (OOOD remix)
play track  9. Shpiral
play track  10. OOOD & Ott - Eye of the Beholder (Sonic Species remix)


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