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koan - argonautica (Section Records)

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Section's 2nd artist album showcases Russian storytellers Koan in a seamless 80-minute flow of pristine production and heavyweight emotion. Inspired by legends of gods, nymphs and mythical creatures, the album is shrouded in ancient Greek mystery and takes the listener on a journey as rich and profound as the legends that kindled its creation.

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play track  1. Orpheus and Eurydice
play track  2. Lost Lyre
play track  3. Peleus and Theris
play track  4. Trida Falls to Morpheus' Pits
play track  5. Crying Prozerpine (Blue mix)
play track  6. Pegasus
play track  7. In the Garden of Hesperdes (Golden Apples mix)
play track  8. Seven Mirrors of Atlas
play track  9. Ladon (Serpent Mix)


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Physical distribution:
UK: Section Records, Milton Keynes, England
Europe: Ultimae Network, Lyon, France
Japan: Wakyo Distribution / Yappo

Digital distribution:
Worldwide: INgrooves

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