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exclusive from time and space....

:: ellen allien ::

The original Berlin ‘City Kid’ Ellen Allien is set to rock the special 11th Anniversary of Maia Records @ Mexico’s Time and Space Festival, 15-16 Dec, 2012 : Mexico City DF, bringing a slice of the Berlin underground across the Atlantic to help ring in a new Galactic cycle. The first lady of BPitch control lives and breathes dance music culture and shines as an inspirational figure head within a male-dominated industry. Internationally respected for her original productions, successful fashion label and creative Dj sets, she wants to share her passion and energy with us all.

1) You’re an inspiration for many established as well as would-be DJanes out there (and DJs for that matter), has being internationally renowned been an empowering experience for you? Did you struggle at being taken seriously considering the vast majority of DJs and producers are male?

ELLEN: Hello, nice to meet you...There are many female talents around. For me the music speaks, not the sex. Ok, I am very interested in listen to female DJ’s…I love the emotion female DJ’s transport.

2)What made you get captivated with techno/electronica? How has your style evolved over the years? What did you start playing as opposed to what you’re playing nowadays?

ELLEN: I started spinning records with Detroit, Chicago and English electronica…melodic breaks, techno. To mix different styles is always important in my sets to make them creative and special…. Not to play the common charts, I love to mix from the future to the past and the here and now.

3) What collaboration with another artist or artists have you enjoyed the most? Why?

ELLEN: Working with Apparat was just very sweet…why? Because I love him and he pushed me and I pushed him to make something amazing…Orchestra of Bubbles...

4)What has been your favorite gig? How did you realize that things were just perfect and everything (crowd response, sound system, the place itself, etc) synched?

I loved to play 2012 in Ibiza, I was living there for 6 months and played there many times...the crowd was just very outstanding...all cultures mixed…the people landing in Ibiza brought just good energy. Many times when I played, I felt that the people feel exactly like me…completely into the music far away from daily life…just here at this moment, to enjoy the music 100%...drifting away, I felt these moments also here in Berlin many times…the parties here are just longer...

5) Talk to us a little bit about a producer/composer who you admire.

Brian Eno is an outstanding producer. Björk, transporting the future and past as a female singer, linked with the nature and human beings. Squarpusher’s beats are insane…Kicks me so much and the hectic melodies are just waking me up...its like a brainwash...every time I am listening to his music I find many inspirations...for my shirt designs or what I want to do...he is kicking my brain… Steve Reich is one of my favorite modern classic composer. I am a big fan of Dillon, she is signed on my label BPitch Control. The way she is singing and her lyrics, I feel deeply with her. I adore Deniz Kurtel’s electro productions, she gets to the point…the bass lines, the vocals and beats are in the right place. Steffi’s house music album “Yours & Mine” is one of the best albums on Ostgut Ton.

6) What is your favorite (or one of your favorite) tracks of all time (it doesn’t have to be electronic)

An aBest acid track alien at the moment / old and so fresh
This one I can loop 10000 it so much
uffff there is so much good music…old new…hehehe, Dillon, on BPitch Control my favorite song of her

7) Do you remember what was the first album you ever bought?

ELLEN : Kraftwerk, but years later...

8) What do you expect from the Time and Space Festival, and from Mexico in general?

Good vibes...I will bring good vibes and lets share them

9) Have you ever heard any Mexican electronic music projects that pique your interest? who and why?

Rebolledo one half of the Panchanga Boys is from Mexico :-) DJ Hector, I know him, because he is living in Berlin…mmm


* Interview By Tap The Flow & Ruls @ Undergroove Music


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